Art 6 Assignments

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Due Date
Worksheet Choices
in pdf format
Daily bRead Articles in pdf
Methodology Flash Cards
Approaches to Art
Methodology Definitions
January 28
Methodology Worksheet 1
February 6
Compendium Pages 1
Citing Sources in MLA Style
Were the First Artists Mostly Women
Why Have There Been No Great Women?
What Is Classical Music's Women Problem?
Learning Community 1
February 18
Methodology Worksheet 2
February 27
Compendium Pages 2
Iconographic Analysis
Who Was the Real Artemisia?
Gentileschi: Heart of a Woman
Judith Leyster, Self-Portrait
The Portrait of the Queen
In Defense of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette
Elizabeth Louise Vigee Lebrun
25 Things To Know About Sexism & Misogyny
Objectification of Women
Women Artists Who Depicted Aphrodite
The Antique Heroines of Sirani
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Querying and Queering: Iconography of Frida

Marie Antoinette
Extra Credit

March 4
Methodology Worksheet 3
March 6
Learning Community 2
March 27
Kauffmann's Cornelia
The Object At Hand
Re-Visioning Wild Fire
The Mysterious Underrepresentation of Women
The Pink and Blue Project
Do We Read Works of Art?
Art and the Semiotics of Language
The Problem of Art
Marxism and Art
Women Artists in 19th Century France
The Salon and the Royal Academy
Mary Cassatt and the Feminine Ideal
Lady Clementina Hawarden
April 3
Exhibition Report
April 8
Methodology Worksheet 4
The Sexual Politics of the Dinner Party
Understanding Formal Analysis
Feminist Criticism
choose ^ or v
Methodology Worksheet 5
Psychoanalytic Approach
April 10
Learning Community 3
Pollock Extra Credit
April 24
Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman?
Depoliticizing Women
New Encounters with Les Demoiselles
Four Women's Issues That Haven't Changed
The Lives of Hannah Hoch
Giving A Swedish Pioneer Her Due
Womanliness As Masquerade
The Kissing Sailor or the Selective
Blindness of Rape Culture
Reconsidering the Stain
May 6
Final Compendium
Does the Feminine Mystique Still Roar?
Where Are All the Women?
Saltz's Final Word on MoMA's Woman Problem
Defying the Boys Club
Who Are the Great Women Artists?
Once Again, Where Are All the Girls?
Girls Beat Boys in Every Subject
Women on the Verge
May 13
Event Report
Learning Community 4
Gallery/ MuseumTally Extra Credit



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