Art 5
Art History of the Western World: 1400 Through Contemporary

Lecture and Reading Notes 6
Chapter 28


Key Images:  
Henri Matisse. The Joy of Life. 1905 - 06.
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Street, Berlin. 1913.
Vasily Kandinsky. Improvisation No. 30 (Cannons). 1913.
Pablo Picasso. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. 1907.
Georges Braque. Houses at L'Estaque. 1908.
Umberto Boccioni. Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. 1913.
Vera Mukhina. Worker and Collective Farm Woman. 1937.
Piet Mondrian. Composition with Yellow, Red, and Blue. 1927.
Walter Gropius. Bauhaus Building, Dessau. 1925 - 26.
Hannah Hoch. Dada Dance. 1922.
John Heartfield. Have No Fear- He's a Vegetarian. 1936.
Marcel Duchamp. Fountain. 1917.
Salvador Dali. The Persistence of Memory. 1931.
Georgia O'Keeffe. City Night. 1926.
Grant Wood. American Gothic. 1930.
Dorothea Lange. Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California. 1936.
Edward Hopper. Nighthawks. 1942.
Norman Rockwell. Freedom from Want. 1943.
Frank Lloyd Wright. Kaufmann House. 1937.
Diego Rivera. Man, Controller of the Universe. 1934.
Frida Kahlo. The Two Fridas. 1939.


What does the term "modernism" mean? In art, what does the term infer?
What is an "ism?"
What broad tendencies mark modern artists?
What was the first international modernist movement of the 20th century?
What does the term "fauves" mean? Why was it used to describe a group of modern artists?
Who inspired the fauves?
What is "primitivism?"
What view of city life do most Die Brücke paintings suggest?
What group of artists did Vasily Kandinsky belong to?
What was Kandinsky's intention for his work?
What did Brancusi seek to portray?
Who invented Cubism?
How is Picasso's "blue period" characterized?
How are works from Picasso's "rose period" characterized?
Where is an Iberian influence seen in Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon? Where is an African influence seen?
What does your textbook suggest is the meaning behind Les Demoiselles d'Avignon?
How was Les Demoiselles d'Avignon received when it was unveiled?
What did Picasso and Braque seek in their "difficult quest?"
What two phases of Cubism emerged from Picasso and Braque's quest? How is each phase characterized?
What is a collage? What is an assemblage?
What goals did Futurism express? How is Futurist work characterized?
What were some of the goals of the World of Art group?
What factors contributed to the slow growth of modernism in the United States?
What was "the turning point for modernist art in the United States?" Why was it so influential? What did American artists do for the first time, after seeing this show?
Who is considered "the greatest American architect of the 20th century?"
What features did the Prairie style include?
How did New York clients of architecture respond to the Chicago style?
What characterizes European architecture of the early 20th century?
What is a curtain wall?
What effect did WWI have on European artists?
What were the goals of the Constructivists?
What is "Social Realism?" Who supported it? What were its goals?
Who was the leading de Stijl artist? What did de Stijl artists seek?
What was the ultimate purpose of works like Composition with Yellow, Red and Blue?
How did artists in France respond to the chaos of WWI?
How was Leger influenced by Purism?
What does your book note as "Purism's most important contribution?"
What was the International Style? How is it characterized?
What was the Bauhaus? What were its goals?
How was the avant-garde suppressed in Germany during the early 20th century?
What was the Cabaret Voltaire? How did it influence/ inspire Dada artists?
What characterizes the Dada movement in Berlin?
For what reason did John Hearfield change his approach to artmaking?
What did Duchamp believe art should appeal to?
What is a "readymade?"
How does your book interpret Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Eve (The Large Glass)?"
How did the Surrealist movement differ from Dada?
What is automatism?
What method did Dali contribute to Surrealism? How does The Persistence of Memory exemplify this method?
Explain the "political isolationism" and "cultural nationalism" America engaged in after WWI.
What artist did Alfred Stieglitz champion after WWI? Why?
How is O'Keeffe's work characterized?
How does Precisionism relate to American Scene Painting? What were their goals?
How did the United States patronize the arts during the Depression? Why?
What message do Regionalist works convey? Why was this problematic?
Compare and contrast Hopper's Nighthawks with Rockwell's Freedom From Want.
What was Rockwell's intention for his work?
What circumstances gave rise to the New Negro movement? What did this movement stimulate?
How did American architecture differ from European architecture during the interwar years?
What intention does Wright's Fallingwater demonstrate?
What were Diego Rivera's goals for art?
What events prompted the painting of Man, Controller of the Universe?
What does Frida Kahlo's work typically deal with?