Lady Sculptors
Harriet Hosmer in her Rome studio, at work on a statue of Missouri senator Thomas Hart Benton, 1865.











"The White Marmorean Flock"

"Strange sisterhood of American lady sculptors who at one time settled upon the seven hills in a white marmorean flock" - James Joyce
Charlotte Cushman











Harriet Hosmer
1830 - 1908


Zenobia in Chains
Harriet Hosmer, Zenobia in Chains,1859.











Harriet Hosmer, Zenobia in Chains (detail), 1859.










Hiram Power, Greek Slave, 1847.
Harriet Hosmer, Zenobia in Chains, 1859.


"I have tried to make her too proud to exhibit passion or emotion of any kind." - Harriet Hosmer











Beatrice Cenci

Harriet Hosmer, Beatrice Cenci, 1857.











Julia Margaret Cameron, Beatrice Cenci, 1866.











Puck on a Toadstool

Harriet Hosmer, Puck on a Toadstool, c. 1855 - 1856.











Edmonia Lewis
1845 - after 1911


Edmonia Lewis

Henry Rochner, Carte-de-visite of Edmonia Lewis, c. 1870.











Old Indian Arrowmaker

Hagar in the Wilderness
Edmonia Lewis, Old Indian Arrowmaker and His Daughter, 1866 - 1872.

Edmonia Lewis, Hagar in the Wilderness, 1875.











Edmonia Lewis, The Death of Cleopatra, 1876.












Edmonia Lewis, Death of Cleopatra (scale and detail), 1876.