Art 371 Primary Sources


Date Author Title
1930 Walter Benjamin The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Georges Bataille Sacrificial Mutilation and the Severed Ear of Vincent Van Gogh
The Mouth
1940 Clement Greenberg Avant Garde and Kitsch
  Towards a New Laocoon
Harold Rosenberg The Fall of Paris
Walter Benjamin The Arcades Project
1948 Clement Greenberg The Decline of Cubism
1950 Jean Genet Un Chant D'Amour
1952 Harold Rosenberg The American Action Painters
1953 Albert Camus The Rebel
1957 Roland Barthes Mythologies
Jack Kerouac Introduction to The Americans
1958 Allan Kaprow The Legacy of Jackson Pollock
1961 Clement Greenberg Modernist Painting
Susan Sontag Against Interpretation
1962 Claude Levi-Strauss The Savage Mind
1964 Antonin Artaud The Theatere and its Double
Susan Sontag Notes on Camp
1965 Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues
Donald Judd Specific Objects
1966 Susan Sontag Against Interpretation
1966 - 67 Robert Morris Notes on Sculpture
1967 Roland Barthes

The Death of the Author

Michael Fried Art and Objecthood
Marshall McLuhan The Medium is the Massage (Message)
Guy Debord The Society of the Spectacle
Clement Greenberg The Recentness of Sculpture
Roland Barthes Elements of Semiology
Michael Foucault Of Other Spaces
1968 Robert Morris Anti Form
Robert Smithson The Sedimentation of the Mind: Earth Projects
Roland Barthes The Death of the Author
1969 Joseph Kosuth Art After Philosophy
Michael Foucault What is an Author?
1970 Hans Haacke Linites Critiques
1971 Linda Nochlin Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists
John Berger Ways of Seeing
1973 Laura Mulvey Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema
Lucy Lippard Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object
1974 Juliet Mitchell Psychoanalyses and Feminism
Peter Burger The Theory of the Avant Garde
1975 Leo Steinberg Other Criteria
1976 Umberto Eco A Theory of Semiotics
1978 Jacques Derrida The Truth in Painting
1977 Charles Jencks The Language of Post-Modern Architecture
Susan Sontag Illness as Metaphor
Jean-Francois Lyotard Trans/ Formers
1979 Jean-Francois Lyotard The Postmodern Condition
Mary Kelly Post Partum Document
Douglas Crimp Pictures
Germaine Greer The Obstacle Race
1980 Roland Barthes Camera Lucida
Douglas Crimp The Photographic Activity of Postmodernism
Umberto Eco The Name of the Rose
Julia Kristeva Powers of Horror:  An Essay on Abjection
Craig Owens The Allegorical Impulse
1981 Jean Baudrillard Simulacra and Simulation
Benjamin Buchloh Figures of Authority, Ciphers of Regression
Douglas Crimp The End of Painting
On The Museum's Ruins
1984 Frederic Jameson Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism
1990 Anna Chave Minimalism and the Rhetoric of Power
1992 Arthur Danto Modern, Postmodern and Contemporary
2002 Daniel A. Siedell Contemporary Art Criticism and the Legacy of Clement Greenberg
2005 David Levi Strauss The Highest Degree of Illusion
2006 Anne Wagner According to What: Jasper Johns' Flag
2008 Richard Kalina Guardians of the Avant-Garde



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