"Baptize me, now that reconciliation is possible. If we're gonna heal, let it be glorious." - Beyonce
Moving Beyond Pain - bell hooks' response to Lemonade
Hilja Keading, The Bonkers Devotional, 2010.











The untitled sculpture, created by the late conceptual artist in 1991, was a replica in polished granite of the type of generic office water fountains found in Camp Matthews, the military base that occupied the site of UCSD until 1964. Asher’s fountain, located near the school’s Chancellors Complex and student center, was installed alongside more conventional monuments to the site’s former military role — a stone memorial and a large US flag.
Michael Asher, Untitled, 1991. UC San Diego.











Liza Lou, Kitchen, 1998.











"Having applied a mixture of honey and oil on his body, within minutes Zhang Huan was covered with insects crawling over his naked body. Sitting still, the artist showed neither reaction to the smell, nor any sign of irritability at the moving insects on his skin.

Like 12M2, numerous performances link to the artist's personal experience. The public toilet did indeed exist, and was only one aspect of the poor neighbourhood in Beijing's east village. For Zhang Huan, performing in situations he encountered earlier, living through them again, but in even worse conditions, seems to have had a purifying effect. Performance becomes therapy, enabling him to transcend the extreme conditions to which he exposes his body." - Olivia Sand

Zhang Huan, 12 M2, 1994.
Performance, detail showing artist covered in honey, fish oil, and flies.











"Edith Abeyta, Apple Pie Saturdays, 2004.












Elana Mann, Untitled (Listening Device) at Otis College, 2013.











"In 1989, while a postgraduate at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Nick Cave developed the first of his Soundsuits, for which he has become world-famous — sculptural bodysuits constructed from a range of found objects, which transform the wearer into a figure both highly visible and completely obscured. The Soundsuit was a means for Cave to process the intense vulnerability he felt as a black man during the Rodney King beating, which took place the same year he graduated with his MFA from Cranbrook, which boasts a lavish and sequestered campus in the affluent and mostly white Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills." - Sarah Rose Sharp
Nick Cave, Made by Whites for Whites details
Installation view of Soundsuits at ‘Here Hear’











Nick Cave, Soundsuits, 2010 - present.












Nick Cave, Soundsuits, at the Denver Art Museu, 2013.












Zoe Crosher, Mae Wested no. 3 (crumpled) from the Michelle DuBois Project, c. 2012.
Digital C-print, 36 x 36 in.











Zoe Crosher, For UR Eyes Only, from the Michelle duBois Project, c. 2009.
Zoe Crosher, Cindy-Shermanesque, from the Michelle duBois series, c. 2009.











"For all the images we have, we can still grasp only the faintest threads of duBois' narrative and inner workings. Crosher speaks to the impossibility of truly knowing a person and the impossibility of ever knowing oneself. Michelle duBois' ability to fictionalize is so great, her seeming lack of self-awareness so profound, that any truths that once existed - and for which the audience naturally searches - have wholly disappeared." - Emily Ellis Fox
Zoe Crosher, from The Disappearance of Michelle duBois, 2012.











Maxine Helfman, Historical Correction, 2015











Kehinde Wiley, Femme piquée par un serpent, 2008.











Art museums still present only an average of 15% women in curated exhibits, and a mere 4% of museum acquisitions are works by women artist - Guerrilla Girls


More than half of the artists in the 2010 Whitney Biennial were women
Lest we think progress was being made, only 38 of 118 artists in the 2014 Whitney Biennial were women - just 32%
Only 9 of the 118 artists were black - 7% counting Donnelle Woolford!
20% of US Gallery shows are solo exhibitions of women artists
About 28% of published artist's monographs are about women artists
Marilyn Minter, Stepping Up, 2005.










































Rafa Esparza, i have never been here before at LACE











Tracey Emin, I don't believe in love but I believe in you, 2012.