For the Love of God
"Now we understand much more clearly why people from all over the world want to come to New York and to America. It's called freedom." - former NY Mayor, Rudy Giuliani











Sensation 1997 - 1999
1997 Royal Academy of Art, London
1998 Hamburger Bahnhof museum, Berlin
1999 National Gallery of Australia
1999 Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York











British businessman and the co-founder of advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and M&C Saatchi.
Known for his vast art collection and patronage of
YBAs = Young British Artists
(Also known for chocking his now ex-wife, celebrity cook Nigella Lawson, while arguing at an outside eatery.)











Damien Hirst, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991.











1991 Saatchi commissioned for £50,000
Because the original carcass was badly preserved, in 1993 the gallery gutted the shark and stretched the skin over a fiberglass mold
Another shark was caught off Queensland (a female that was 25 to 30 years old) and eventually replaced the decayed original
2004 Saatchi sold for £7 million





















Damien Hirst, A Thousand Years, 1990.











Damien Hirst, The Little Piggy Went to the Market, This Little Piggy Went Home, 1996.











Damien Hirst, Some Comfort Gained from the Acceptance of the Inherent Lies in Everything, 1996.




















Marc Quinn, Self (blood head), 1991.











Dead Dad
Ron Mueck, Dead Dad, 1996 - 1997.

Ron Mueck, Dead Dad, 1996 - 1997. (detail)





















A Girl
Two Women
Ron Mueck, A Girl, 2006.
Fibreglass, silicon, polyurethane foam, acrylic fibre, paint, mixed media,
110.5 x 501 x 134.5 cm.

Ron Mueck, Two Women, 2005.











Jake and Dinos Chapman, Great Deeds Against the Dead, 1994.
Francisco de Goya, Great Deeds Against the Dead, 1810.











Jake and Dinos Chapman, Great Deeds Against the Dead, 2003.











Jenny Saville, Propped, 1992.


"If we continue to speak in this sameness, speak as men have spoken for centuries, we will fail each other again" - Luce Iragaray











Jenny Saville, Plan, 1993.
Jenny Saville, Trace, 1993 - 94.











Jenny Saville, Still, 2003.


Jenny Saville's Still sold for $1 million at auction in 2006











Tracey Emin, Everyone I have ever slept with 1963 - 1995, 1995.





















Marcus Harvey, Myra, 1995.  9' X 11'.











Myra Hindley and Ian Brady mugshots, 1966












Raymond Pettibon, Sonic Youth Goo album cover, 1990.
photo of Maureen Hindley and David Smith - Maureen was the sister of Myra Hindley and David was the witnesses to one of Myra and Ian Brady's murders











Russell Young, Kate Moss as Myra Hindley and Pete Doherty as Ian Brady, 2007.