Art 371 Assignments

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Due Date
Assignment pdf file
February 1
Michael Asher & the Conclusion
of Modernist Sculpture
February 8
***The Life of Forgotten Feminist Artist Mendieta
***Coco Fusco on Ana Mendieta's Legacy
February 13
Research Paper Topic Report
***Betye Saar's Art on Race Couldn't be Timlier
***Betye Saar Retrospective at SMoCA
February 15
Mulvey, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema
February 20
Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
February 22
Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition
February 27
Jameson, Postmodernism, or the
Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism
Jameson, Postmodernism summary
March 1
Art and the Postcolonial Imagination
March 6
March 8
Visual Thinker Lecture Series Report for Rachel Mason presentation
Shaked, Critical Identity Politics
March 27
Kristeva, The Impudence of Uttering:
The Mother Tongue
March 29

Art and the Postcolonial Imagination

April 3
Dava Sobel, Bensussen Lecture
7 - 8 PM AF 209 A&B
Bensussen Lecture: Dava Sobel video
***Mathew Barney's Cremaster Cycle
April 5
Margo Pawell
7 - 9 PM Beckman Hall 404
***Metamodernism: A Brief Introduction
April 7
Art History Symposium Video
Art History Symposium
12 - 5 PM AF 209 A
April 10
***An Archival Impulse
Visual Thinker Lecture Series Report for Bensussen presentation
April 12
Visual Thinker Lecture Series Report
for Margo Pawell
April 14
Art History Symposium
Visual Thinker Lecure Series Report
April 17
Research Paper Share
April 19
***The Philanthropic Hypocrisy of Eli Broad
***The Art of Larry Gagosian's Empire
***The Most Relevant Art Today
***Form Over Feminism
April 24
Strauss, The Highest Degree of Illusion
***Jeff Wall: I'm Haunted
April 26
(browse) Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others
May 1
Research Paper Please upload your paper into the Turn It In folder on Blackboard where you will be offered a report on the degree of original content in your paper.
Chicago Manual of Style
May 8
Mc Carthy, The Work of Art in the Age of Spectacular Reproduction
***Richard Prince Always Wanted to be the Coolest Artist in the World
May 10
***Moving Beyond Pain -
bell hooks' response to Lemonade
May 17
Socratic Circle Final Exam
*** optional reading



lecture presentations