Amateur Visions


VTLS Speaker, Artist, Rachel Mason
Wednesday, March 1
7 - 8 PM in AF 209 C

Notes on CMS Citations
Lady Clementina Hawarden, Clementina Maude by the Window, c. 1862.










Lewis Carroll
1832 - 1898


Oscar Gustave Rejlander, Lewis Carroll, 1863. Albumen print.











Liddell Sisters

Lewis Carroll, Alice Liddell and Sisters Edith and Lorina, c. 1859.











Lewis Carroll, Alice Liddell, 1858.











Beggar Maid

Oscar Rejlander, Night in Town, c. 1860.
Lewis Carroll, Alice Liddell as The Beggar Maid. c. 1859.











In 1861, the age of consent was raised
from 10 to 12 in England
While there is no evidence that Hawarden was deliberately exploring the topic of adolescent sexuality, the popular concern is arguably evident in her images
Lady Clementina Hawarden, Isabella Grace, c. 1860s.











Lewis Carroll, Irene MacDonald, 1863.











Reclining Nude

"Virtually all of Dodgson's 38 documented figure studies (nudes) and their negatives were destroyed by him or his Executor at his direction, and only four extant images are known - prints of images that had been given to the families of the subjects and then included in/surviving from family albums. Most of Dodgson's figure studies were taken in the 1870s, a period in which he was working with several artists to develop ideas/images for illustrations in several publications he was planning. Over-painting of portraits was not unusual, rendering the image more 'artistic' and, in the case of nudes, creating a narrative context that would allow the image to be shown with propriety to friends."

Charles Dodgson, Reclining Nude Study, 1879.










Beggar Maid

Lewis Carroll, Alice Liddell as
The Beggar Maid
, c. 1859.
Julia Margaret Cameron,
Alice Liddell as Young Woman, 1869.











Julia Margaret Cameron
1815 - 1879


Kiss of Peace

Julia Margaret Cameron, The Kiss of Peace-G.G. Watts and Children, c. 1867.











Julia Margaret Cameron, Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 1867.  Albumen print.
Photographer Unknown, Sir John Frederick William Herschel, Date Unknown.











"Theory of Sacrifices"

  • First written defense of photography as art
  • Critic Francis Wey declared that "truth in art does not lie in a ruthless and unintelligent copy of nature, but in a spiritual interpretation."
  • Called for photographers to interpret their subjects
    even if they had to sacrifice detail
Julia Margaret Cameron, Sappho, c. 1866.











Julia Margaret Cameron, Rosebud Garden of Girls, 1868.











"Hers are all taken purposely out of focus - some are very picturesque- some merely hideous- however, she talks of them as if they were triumphs of art." - Lewis Carroll
"What is focus - and who has the right to say what is the legitimate focus?  My aspirations are to enoble photography and to secure for it the character and uses of High Art by combining the real and the ideal." - Cameron
Julia Margaret Cameron, Ellen Terry at Age 16, 1864.











In 1888, George Eastman introduces the "Kodak #1 " Hand-held Camera
Sold for $25, more than $450 today
Included Eastman Kodak's newly patented transparent roll film
By 1898, an estimated 1.5 million roll-film cameras had been sold to amateurs

Kodak #1 Camera











Brownie Camera ad

1900 first Brownie camera released and is sold for $1
150,000 cameras sold the first year
Kodak Brownie Ad. 1900.











circular snapshots










Artist Unknow, The Kodak Girl, c. 1910.