The Simulacra

New York City

Field Journal Essay 9 and Final Presentation Prepatory Assignment due on Wednesday, November 30
Garry Winogrand, Central Park Zoo, New York City, 1967.












Draft Card Burning, 1969.

The first lottery drawing for the Vietnam War was held in the Selective Service National Headquarters in Washington DC on December 1st, 1969. Approximately 850,000 men were affected by this event.

Freedom Trash Can at feminist rally outside Miss America Pageant, 1969.











Napalm Strike

Huynh Cong (Nick) Ut, Children Fleeing a Napalm Strike, 1972.












Kim Phuc and Nick Ut meet Queen Elizabeth II,  2000.












Partial transcript of the Mike Wallace interview with Paul Meadlo in which he describes his participation in the My Lai massacre:

Q. So you fired something like sixty-seven shots?
A. Right.
Q. And you killed how many? At that time?
A. Well, I fired them automatic, so you can't- You just spray the area on them and so you can't know how many you killed 'cause they were going fast. So I might have killed ten or fifteen of them.
Q. Men, women, and children?
A. Men, women, and children.
Q. And babies?
A. And babies.

Ron Haeberle & Peter Brant, Q. And Babies/ A. And Babies, 1970.











Larry Clark
1943 -


Tulsa cover

"i was born in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1943. when i was sixteen i started shooting amphetamine. i shot with my friends everyday for three years and then left town but I've gone back through the years. once the needle goes in it never comes out." - Larry Clark
Larry Clark, Tulsa, 1971.












Larry Clark, Tulsa, 1971.











Larry Clark, Tulsa, 1971.











Larry Clark, Tulsa, 1971.











Larry Clark, Tulsa, 1971.











Accidental Gunshot Wound

Larry Clark, Tulsa, 1971.











Pregnant Woman Shooting Up

Larry Clark, Tulsa, 1971.











Baby in Coffin

Larry Clark, Tulsa, 1971.


“Yeah, you’re right. It’s like, I call myself a moralist and my friends fall down laughing. But it’s true! Look at the work—everyone always comments on the photo in Tulsa of a pregnant girl shooting up, like it’s exploitative. Look at the next photo! It’s a funeral. Of a dead baby. I’m always trying to get at the consequences of actions. And if it’s titillating? Well, sometimes I’m dealing with good-looking people having sex, sure, but that’s not the point. The point is the consequences.” - Larry Clark












Larry Clark, Assorted scenes from Kids, 1996.


Kids Trailer











Historic Context
1959 - 1975
Official U.S. involvement in "Vietnam War"
President Kennedy assassinated
Watergate scandal
President Nixon resigns
AIDS first recognized as a disease, given the name "Gay Related Immune Deficiency"
MTV founded
1981 - 1989
The "Reagan era"
End of the Cold War
GRID renamed AIDS
Chernobyl nuclear accident
"Black Monday" stock market crash leads to world-wide recession
Robert Mapplethorpe dies of AIDS
Student protestors massacred in China's Tieananmen Square











Postmodernism = the period following modernism. Postmodernism is often seen as a rejection of Modernist notions such as the superiority of subjective expression of unique intellects, high culture versus kitsch and abstraction versus figuration.

Belief that no single truth exists
Sense that everything that can be done, has been done
Embrace diversity and questioning
Promotes parody, irony and playfulness
Jouissance = enjoyment
David Hockney, My Mother Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire, 1982.










Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #1, 1977.
Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #6, 1977.











Gidget, 1959
I Love Lucy, 1951 - 1957











Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #15, 1978.












The Doll

Hans Bellmer. The Doll. c. 1934.
Claude Cahun. Self-portrait. c. 1929.











pastiche = an artistic technique whereby a generally light-hearted tongue-in-cheek imitation of another's style is employed; although jocular it is usually respectful (as opposed to parody, which is not)
Untitled 21
Cindy Sherman. Untitled Film Still #21, 1978.