Social Documentary

Les Demoiselles D'Avignon

No Class on Tuesday, April 4
Lewis Hine, Five Year Old Newsboy, 1910.











Organized social reform movements in America that began during the late 19th century:
Woman's Suffrage Movement
Prohibition/ Temperance Movement
Public Education Reform Movement
Social documentary style emerged
in the 19th century in response to:
  • Popular social reform movements
  • Continued interest in recording wonders of the world
  • Availability and accessibility of the hand-held camera
Suffrage parade in New York City, May 6, 1912.











The New Woman

Frances Benjamin Johnston

Judge Magazine
Frances Benjamin Johnston, Self-Portrait, c. 1896.
John Held Jr., Judge Magazine cover, 1925.











Frances Benjamin Johnston, Louis Firetail (Sioux, Crow Creek), wearing tribal clothing, in American history class, Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia, late 1890s.
Frances Benjamin Johnston, Self-Portrait with Bicycle, c. 1890.
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Jacob Riis, Going Down the Gangplank, c. 1880s.










Jacob Riis, NY Tenement, c. 1880s.











Jacob Riis, Bandits' Roost, New York, 1888.

muckraker = journalist who investigates and exposes societal issues