Community Building

SPARC Mission:

  • That art was for everyone regardless of their status in society;
  • That the distinctions between high and low art, fine art and folk art were false;
  • That innovation is important only while nurturing the significant traditions in which various ethnic groups preserve their cultures;
  • That art should not dwell only in rarefied halls but in the places where people live and work;
  • That the process, not only the product, is the measure of the value of an art work;
  • That all Americans could be participants in the making of art and that collaborations work;
  • And last… That the arts can have significant transformative impact on the most significant social problems of our time.











Meet at 11 AM at The Great Wall of Los Angeles

located on Coldwater Canyon Ave between Oxnard St & Burbank Blvd and the eastern edge
of the Valley College campus in San Fernando Valley, alongside the Tujunga Wash

Driving directions and guide


Travel to the Social and Political Arts Resource Center

685 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291 at 1:00 PM











The Great Wall of Los Angeles, 1974 -
Farewell to Rosie the Riveter