June 29
Ancient Egypt: Old & Middle Kingdoms




Predynastic Period


The Palette of King Narmer. c. 2950 - 2775 BCE. Slate, height 25".




other Predynastic Egyptian palettes










Crowns of Egypt - a) White Crown of Upper Egypt (the South),
b) Red Crown of Lower Egypt (the North),
c) Double Crown of Unified Egypt











Portrait Panel of Hesy-ra. c. 2600 BCE. Wood, height 45".

Old Kingdom Standard Grid - Egyptian Canon of Proportions











Mummy believed to be that of King Ramses I, c. 1185.











Eye of Horus from King Tut's Tomb











The Weighing of the Heart and the Judgement of Osiris, from the Book of the Dead of Hunerer.
1285 BC. Painted papyrus, height 15 5/8".












Fragment of a wall painting from the tomb of Nebamun, c. 1350 BCE.