July 18
Roman Republic




Pont Du Gard (Roman aqueduct). Nimes, France. Late 1st Century BCE.


Roman Cement











Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum). Rome, 70 - 80 CE.












The Gladiator & Sex Appeal





















Pantheon. Rome, c. 118 - 128 CE.










Recreation of original design for Pantheon and surrounding architecture










Diagram of Pantheon's hemispheric dome






















Pantheon aerial











Historical Context
510 BCE
Overthrow of last Etruscan king
c. 509 - 27 BCE
Roman Republic
451 BCE
"The Twelve Tables" first codification of Roman law
c. 450 - 323 BCE
Classic Greek culture
399 BCE
Death of Socrates
387 BCE
Rome destroyed by Celts
269 BCE
Start of Roman silver coinage
250 BCE
Romans begin large-scale importation of art from conquered lands
146 BCE
Rome defeats Corinth in third Punic War
48 - 47 BCE
Caesar and Cleopatra in Egypt together
44 BCE
Julius Caesar assasinated
27 BCE - 395 CE
Roman Empire
Octavian receives honorary title Augustus
67 CE
Apostles Peter and Paul put to death
79 CE
Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
98 - 117 CE
Empire experiences largest extent under Emperor Titus
313 CE
Edict of Milan grants freedom of religion to Christians
330 CE
Constantinople becomes Capital of empire
395 CE
Division of Empire











Hagesandros, Polydorus, and Athenodorus. Laocoon group, 1st c BCE Roman copy after Greek original. 7'.











patricians = wealthy upper class
plebians = lower class


Roman Patrician with Busts of his Ancestors. Late 1st century BCE. Marble, lifesize.











Aulus Metellus (L' Arringatore or the Orator). c. 80 BCE, Bronze. Height 5' 11".











verism = meticulous realism
Head of a Roman Patrician. c. 80 BCE. Marble.











Portrait Head, from Delos. c. 80 BC. Bronze, 12 ¾".
Portrait of Pompey the Great. 30 CE Copy of sculpture of 50 BCE. Marble, 9 1/4".










Augustus of Primaporta. Roman copy c. 20 AD of a Roman original of c. 15 BCE. Marble, height 6'8".











The Doryphoros (Spear Bearer). Roman copy after an original of
c. 450 – 440 BCE by Polykleitos. Marble, height 6' 6".











Hermes. Roman copy after an original of c. 320 – 310 BC., by Praxiteles. Marble, height 7'1".











Menkuare and His Wife, Qheen Khamerernebty, from Giza. C. 2515 BC. Slate, height 54 ½".