Funerary Krater known as the Dipylon Vase. c. 750 - 700 BCE. Ceramic, Height 42 5/8".











Dipylon Vase detail











The Blinding of Polyphemus and Gorgons. c. 675 - 650 BCE. Height 56".











Geometric Style
Orientalizing Style

Geometric Amphora. 8th century BCE.

Pitcher (Olpe) from Corinth. c. 600 BCE.
Ceramic with black-figure decoration, height 11 1/2".











  Geometric Style - after 900 to 700 BCE
776 BCE
First Olympic games
750 - 700 BCE
Homer writes the Iliad and the Odyssey
  Orientalizing Style - 700 to 600 BCE
  Archaic Period - c. 600 to 480 BCE
563 BCE
Siddhartha (founder of Buddhism) born in Nepal
510 - 508 BCE
Athens establishes first democracy
499 - 490 BCE
Persians invade Greece, Athenians defeat Persians at the Battle of Marathon
  Classic Period - c. 480 to 323 BCE
  High Classic Period - c. 450 - 400 BCE
431 - 404 BCE
Peloponnesian Wars/ Sparta conquers Athens
  Late Classic Period - c. 400 to 323 BCE
395 - 387 BCE
Several Greek city-states battle Spartan dominance in Corinthian War
363 BCE
Alexander the Great comes to power and begins to spread Greek ways across the East
  Hellenistic Period - 323 to 31 BCE











Greek Archaic Period
c. 600 - 480 BCE


Standing Youth (Kouros). c. 600 BCE. Marble, height 6'1 ½".
Anavysos Kouros. c. 530 BCE. Marble with remnants of paint, height 6' 4".











Menkuare and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty, from Giza. c. 2525 BCE. Slate, height 54 1/2".
Anavysos Kouros. c. 530 BCE. Marble with remnants of paint, height 6' 4".











Getty Kouros. c. 530 BCE, or modern forgery. Marble, 81 1/8" x 21 1/2".










Berlin Kore. c. 570 - 560 BCE. Marble with remnants of red paint, height 6' 3".
Kore. c. 520 BCE. Marble, height 22".











Reconstruction of a painted Koreà_02_-_Foto_G._Dall%27Orto_28-5-2006.jpg











"Man is the measure of all things." - Protagoras


Greek Pantheon
The supreme god and god of the sky
Goddess of marriage, and married women
God of the sea
Goddess of corn, fruit and agriculture in general
God of the sun, music and poetry
Goddess of the moon, hunting and chastity
Goddess of wisdom
Goddess of love and beauty
God of eloquence and speech
God of war
God of fire and the chief workman of the gods
God of wine and merrymaking
Apollo Belvedere. c. 120 - 140 BCE or original c. 350 - 325 BCE. Marble.











Exekias. Dionysos in a Boat. Interior of an Attic black-figured kylix. C. 540 BC. Diameter 12".











amphora - transportation of goods
hydria - water jar
olpe -
krater - mixing wine and water
lekythos - ceremonial oil jar
oinochoe - pouring wine
kantharos - cup for drinking
kylix - cup for drinking,
sometimes purely for decorative purpose
Standard Shapes of Greek Vessels











Black-Figure Style
"Athenian painters adopted the Corinthian black-figure techniques which became the principal mode of decoration throughout Greece in the sixth century BCE" (Stokstad, 125).



Silhouette design against red clay
Internal details scratched away with needle like stylus
Technique favors a decorative, two-dimensional effect

Dionysos wtih Maenads. c. 540 BCE. Black-figure decoration on amphora.











Exekias. Achilles and Ajax Playing a Game of Draughts. Black-figured amphora. c. 540 BEC. Height 2'.










Exekias. Achilles and Ajax Playing a Game of Draughts (detail). Black-figured amphora. c. 540 BEC. Height 2'.










Psaiax. Herakles Wrestling the Nemean Lion. c. 525 BCE.