July 6
Aegean and Early Greek Art




Bronze Age "Pre-Greek" Cultures

Map of Ancient Greece

Cycladic - Cycladic and adjacent islands excluding Crete
Minoan - Crete
Helladic - mainland, including Mycenaean culture




Helladic = earliest, pre-Greek (about 3500 BCE – 1100 BCE)

Hellenic = quintessential Greece (about 800 BCE – 400 BCE)
Hellenistic = when Greek culture had its most
wide reaching influence (323 BCE – 30 BCE)










Heinrich Schliemann
Schliemann excavation site in modern Turkey


More on the excavation of ancient Troy











Figure from Amorgos, Cyclades. c. 2500 BCE. Marble, height 30".
Cycladic Figures c. 2500 - 2200 BCE.











Harpist, so-called Orpheus, from Amorgos, Cyclades. Latter part of the 3rd millennium BC.
Marble statuette, height 8 ½".











Minoan Civilization
c. 1900 BCE - 1650 BCE


Fresco from Palace at Knossos











Plan of the Palace of Minos, Knossos, Crete.
Aerial view of the palace at Knossos,
c. 1700 - 1400 BC












Theseus Slaying The Minotaur (Amphora). Ceramic. 460 BCE.











Artist's Rendition of Palace at Knossos, Crete. New Palace Period c. 1700 - 1400 BCE.











East wing, Palace of Minos, Knossos, Crete. c. 1700 - 1400 BCE.











Queen's Megaron, Palace at Knossos, Crete. c. 1700 - 1400 BCE.











Octopus Flask, from Palaikastro, Crete. c. 1500 - 1450 BCE. Height 11".











Bull Leaping or Toreador Fresco. c. 1550 - 1450 BCE. Height approx. 24 ½".











Modern Day Bull Leaping 2006.










Bull's-Head Rhyton. Palace complex, Knossos, Crete. New Palace Period, c. 1550 - 1450 BCE.
Steatite with shell, rock crystal, and red jasper, the gilt-wood horns restored. Height 12".












Woman or Goddess with Snakes from the palace complex at Knosso, Crete.
c. 1700 BCE - 1550 BCE. Faience, height 11 5/8".











Landscape. Fresco from Akrotiri, Thera Cyclades. Before 1630 BCE.











Egyptian vs. Minoan
Palette of King Narmer, c. 2950 - 2775 BCE.
Harvester Vase, Hagia Triada, Crete. c. 1650 - 1450 BCE. Steatite. 4 1/2" diameter.












Egyptian civilization = quantity
Minoan civilization = quality
look and feeling of permanence and stability
visual delight, exploration of the world
visual result
controlled lines, regulated subject matter, unwavering artistic style
rhythm, liveliness, joy, looser form and composition