Northern Baroque

Biographic or Feminist Analysis Due

Claude Perraul, Louis Le Vau, and Charles Le Brun, The Cour Carrée of the "Old Louvre", west facade of the Louvre, Paris, France, 1667 - 1670.












Nicolas Poussin, The Arcadian Shepherds, c. 1638.


Et in Arcadia Ego" = even in Arcadia, I, Death, am also present
































Characteristics of Poussin's Style:
  • Severe, intellectual style
  • Figures frozen in action like statues
  • Events portrayed not as they really happened, but how they would have happened if nature was perfect
  • Art should appeal to the mind instead of senses
  • Form and composition over color and emotion
  • Highest aim of art = to represent noble human actions
Nicolas Poussin, Landscape with Saint John on Patmos, 1640.





















Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture founded in France with 40 members
  • Academies grew out of the salons held at the Hôtel de Rambouillet, which discussed literature during the late 1620s and early 1630s.
  • Louis XIV proclaimed in his founding address that the intention of the Academy was to reward all worthy artists "without regard to the difference of sex."
1648 - 1706
Seven women gained admittance to Academy

Academy declared itself closed to women
Limit of four women members at any one time
Women not admitted to Academy school
Women banned from competing for Prix de Rome
Odette Pauvert first woman to win the Prix
Anne Seymour Damer, The Damerian Apollo, 1789.











1664 French Academy begins to hold annual Salons
To show at a salon, a young artist needed to be received by the Académie by first submitting an artwork to the jury; only Académie artists could be shown in the salons. Salons were started under Louis XIV and continued until 1704. After a hiatus, the salons started up again in 1725.

  • A salon, the Salon and salon style
  • A salon = a fashionable assemblage of notables held by custom at the home of a prominent person
  • The Salon = annual display of art established as a venue to show the works of Academy members
  • Salon style = method in which artworks are exhibited in a gallery that utilizes the maximum amount of space possible
Piero Antonio Martini, The Paris Salon of 1785.