Caravaggio, David with the Head of Goliath, 1606.











Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew
Jusepe de Ribera, Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew, 1634.
Francisco de Zurbaran, Saint Serapion, 1628.












Water Carrier of Seville

Diego Velazquez, Water Carrier of Seville, c. 1619.












Maids of Honor

Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor), 1656.


Detail of Velazquez











Baroque Illusionistic Ceiling Painting


Two Baroque approaches to decorated ceilings:
Quadro riportato = trompe l'oeil ceiling painting composed as if each scene were a framed easel painting
Illusionistic ceiling composition = trompe l'oeil ceiling painting that uses the real architecture of the space to create the illusion of an open space
Giovanni Battista Gaulli, The Triumph of the Name of Jesus and the Fall of the Damned, 1672 - 1685.











Annibale Carracci, Ceiling of gallery, Palazzo Farnese, 1597 - 1601.


Frescoes in the Palazzo Farnese










Quadro riportato
Illusionistic ceiling composition
Guido Reni, Aurora, 1615 - 1618.
Guercino, Aurora, 1621 - 1623.











Triumph in the Name of Jesus and the Fall of the Damned

Giovanni Battista Gaull, The Triumph of the Name of Jesus and the Fall of the Damned, 1672 - 1685.


IHS = monogram of Jesus


Detail of Il Gesu ceiling











Historic Context

Louis XIV

18th century The Age of Enlightenment
1643 -1715
Reign of Louis XIV - "The Sun King"
1660 - 1774 Rococo
1715 - 1774
Reign of Louis XV
1760 - 1830
Industrial Revolution
1763 - 1781
American Revolution
1774 - 1792
Reign of Louis XVI
Loius XVI & Marie Antoinette tried for treason and beheaded
1789 - 1799
French Revolution
Late 18th to early 19th centuries Neoclassicism
1799 - 1814
Napoleon controls France
Hyacinthe Rigaud, Louis XIV, 1701.











Versailles Palace

Louis Le-Vau and Jules Hardoin-Mansart, Versailles Palace, 1668 - 1685.











Hall of Mirrors

Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Charles Le Brun, Hall of Mirrors, Palais de Versailles,
Begun 1678. Approx. 240' in length.











Magdalen with Smoking Flame
Georges de La Tour, Magdalen with the Smoking Flame,
c. 1640.
Georges de La Tour, Joseph the Carpenter,
c. 1645.