Art 200
Studies in Art
Summer 2007 Monday & Wednesday 1 pm - 4:50 pm
section 60426

Instructor Denise Johnson
  Office: VA 218

Office hours: Monday & Wednesday 11: 30 am – 12:30 pm, or by appointment

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the important principles, styles, forms and aesthetics of art from around the world.  Visual language and art terminology will be used to examine artworks from an assortment of historical, social, political and personal contexts.  Through this examination, students will gain a general level of knowledge, understanding and appreciation for art made in a variety of media and from a diverse range of artists.

This is a 4 unit course.

Required Text

Lazzari, Margaret and Dona Schlesier.  Exploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach.  Second edition.  Australia:     Thomson Wadsworth, 2005.

Instructional Website

This course will be taught from an instructional website, Lecture presentations, worksheets, and other instructional materials are available to students at this site.

Please let the instructor know if you do not have internet access.

Good attendance is essential to your success! Attendance will be recorded during each class. Numerous absences are sure to negatively affect your grade. The instructor reserves the right to drop any student from this course with three or more absences.

The deadline to add this course via My Coyote is August 2.  The last day to drop this course without record is August 9.

Special Accommodations
If you require special accommodations, please discuss your needs with the instructor as soon as possible. Students with disabilities are highly encouraged to the Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) office at
537-5238 for information regarding the valuable resources that are available.
Cheating and Plagiarism Policy
Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. If the instructor finds evidence that a student is involved in cheating or plagiarism, the student will receive a course grade of F, and the proper college administrators will be notified.
Be Kind
Pleas DO NOT use cell phones and other electronic devices during class.  Students who abuse electronics or otherwise disrupt the class will be asked to leave.


Students will be graded on 3 assignments, an Exhibition Review paper,  a midterm exam, a final exam, and on class participation. There are 400 points possible in this class.
The grading scale is as follows:
100 - 90% 400 - 358 points
89 - 80% 357 - 318 points
79 - 70% 317 - 278 points
69 - 60% 277 - 238 points
59% - or less 237 - 0 points

Assignments - 150 points

Students are required to complete 3 assignments chosen from an assortment of projects that will be worth a maximum of 50 points each.  Students may only submit one assignment a week for full credit, but may choose to complete an additional assignment for a maximum of 25 points extra credit.  Assignments can be accessed and printed by going to the course website and opening the assignments page.

Exhibition Review - 100 points

Students are required to visit a museum or gallery of their choice, and to write a 4 page review of one (two works if they are related) they saw on exhibit.  Visual language and art terminology must be used to consider the work.  Students should discuss the form, style and aesthetic concerns of the piece as well as the cultural and personal context that the work was made under.  Finally, an analysis of what makes this object you have seen a work of “art” should me made. 

Research should be done to extend your initial responses and to support your personal interpretations.  This paper should follow MLA guidelines, and at least two credible sources of information should be cited within the body of the text, one of which must have originated from a paper source rather than the internet.  Proof of your visit must be included with your paper.

A list of recommended exhibitions and museums are listed on the last page of this syllabus.  The Exhibition Review will be worth a maximum of 100 points. 

Exams - 125 points

Exams will consist of slide i.d.s, multiple choice, fill-in-the blank, matching and short-answer essay questions.  The midterm exam will be worth 50 points.  The Final Exam will be worth 75 points, and will be cumulative.

  Participation - 25 points
  Students will earn up to 25 points based on their active participation in class discussions, positive attendance and general contribution to the class.
Late Policy

You may turn one assignment in late by one class day.  The late assignment will not be marked down, however any assignments turned in more than one class late or in addition to the one accepted assignment will NOT receive credit.

Exams may NOT be made up.  If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from being able to take an exam, please discuss your options with the instructor BEFORE the exam takes place.


Class Schedule and Required Reading
Please complete and be prepared to discuss the assigned readings before the date they will be presented in class. This is a tentative schedule, and may be changed by the instructor at any point during the semester according to the needs of the class.
Discussion Topic
August 1
Chapter 1


August 6
The Language of Art
Chapters 2, 4, 5 & 6
August 8
Food & Shelter
Chapters 3 & 7
Assignment #1 Due
August 13
Reproduction & Sexuality
Chapter 8
August 15
Matters of the Spirit
Chapters 9 & 10
Assignment #2 Due
August 20
Midterm Exam
  Power, Politics & Glory
Chapter 11
August 22
Social Protest & Affirmation
Chapter 12
Assignment #3 Due
August 27
The Body
Chapter 13
August 29
Race, Gender, Clan & Class
Chapter 14
Exhibition Review Due
September 3
Holiday - NO CLASS
September 5
Nature, Technology & Jouissance
Chapters 15 & 16
Assignment #4 Due
September 7
Final Exam 1 pm - 4:50 pm


Recommended Exhibitions
Poetics of the Handmade
Grand Ave
4/22/07 – 8/13/07
Dan Flavin: A Retrospectve 
5/13/07 – 8/12/07
Eden's Edge: Fifteen LA Artists
UCLA/ Hammer
5/13/07 – 9/2/07
Manet’s Bar at the Folies-Bergère
6/5/07 – 9/9/07
Edward Weston: Enduring Vision
7/31/07 – 11/25/07
The Arts in Latin America: 1492 – 1820
8/5/07 – 10/28/07
So Cal: Southern California Art of the
1960s and 1970s from LACMA’s Collection
8/19/07 – 3/30/07


Recommended Art Venues
Los Angeles County
J. Paul Getty Museum
1200 Getty Center Drive
at the Getty Center
Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Boulevard
(LACMA) Los Angeles
Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
250 S. Grand Avenue
    152 N. Central Avenue  
Los Angeles
Norton Simon Museum
411 W. Colorado Blvd.
UCLA Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Boulevard
San Diego County
Museum of Contemporary Art,
700 Prospect Street
  San Diego 1001 Kettner Boulevard