Final Exam Study Guide

The Final Exam will be given on Friday, September 7 and will be cululative



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Key Images
Be able to identify the title, artist and date of the following images.
Artist Title Date

Thumbnail Image

  Great Pyramids c. 2600 - 2525 BCE
  Menkaure and His Wife c. 2600 BCE
Polykleitos Doryphoros (spear-bearer) c. 450 - 440
Iktinos & Kallikrates Parthenon 447 - 432 BCE
  Pyramid of the Sun Begun before 150


David 1501 - 1504


Taj Mahal 1632 - 1654
Jean-Honore Fragonard The Swing 1766
Jacques Louis David Oath of the Horattii 1784
Claude Monet Water Lily Pool 1900
Frida Kahlo Self Portrait with Monkey 1938
Pablo Picasso Guernica 1937
Yoko Ono Cut Piece 1964
Cut Piece
Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty 1970
Guerrilla Girls Do women have to be naked to get into the Met? 1986
Kara Walker Slavery! Slavery! 1997

Key Terms
Afterlife Hierarchic scale  
Anthropomorphic Hinduism Mummification
Appropriation Ideal Nazi party
Brahman Impressionism Neoclassicism
Buddha Installation Oppression
Buddhism Islam Pastiche
Cathedral Jouissance Performance art
Cenotaph Judaism Portrait
Christianity Ka Post and lintel
Crucifixion Landscape Rococo
Earthwork Lost wax sculpture Sacred mountain
Enlightenment Mausoleum Shiva
Feminism Mesoamerican Status quo
French Revolution Monument Stupa
Fresco Mosaic Trompe l’oeil
Gothic Mosque Zeus

Questions to consider
Why do humans bury their dead?
How have artists used the body to express personal identity and social constructs?
Why has the body proven to be such a powerful tool for expression?
How have race, gender and class been considered through art over time?
How do animals in art reflect desirable and despicable qualities in humans?

What themes in art have we considered over the course of this semester?

What themes might the images used in the identification sections of your midterm and final exams express?
Identify any style, artist or artwork that you particularly enjoyed during this course. What did you like about it? Why? Did the work/s alter your perceptions and opinions at all?