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Studies in Art Due Date:  August 15, 2007
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Assignement #2c
The Married Couple

Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty.  Slate.  Gizeh, Egypt.  c. 2600 BCE.

Jan van Eyck.  Wedding Portrait.  Oil on wood panel.  Flanders, Northern Europe.  1434.

Write at least two pages analyzing the Egyptian sculpture depicting Menkaure and His Wife and Jan van Eyck’s Wedding Portrait.  These works make elaborate use of many symbols.  Identify and explain at least two of the symbols used in each work and consider the ideas and messages those elements convey about marriage.  In particular, discuss what each of the couple’s embraces implies?  Consider what these works reveal about the religious practices of the couple, their ideas concerning the marriage union and the degree of power each of the participants exhibit through this union.