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Studies in Art Due Date:  August 15, 2007
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Assignement #2b
Reproduction and Sexuality

Jeff Koons and Ciccionlina.  Made in Heaven.  c. 1995.


Please write at least two pages comparing Jeff Koons’s Made in Heaven series with another work of art from another period and culture (for example, Kitagawa Utamaro’s A Pair of Lovers) that deals with reproduction and/ or sexual expression. (You can see more images from the series at:, but be forewarned, some viewers may find these images sexually explicit.)  Discuss how the works convey an ideal of erotic sexuality.  Also consider whether the works are fine art, pornography or both.  Finally, discuss how these images relate to music videos and how contemporary popular culture conveys an ideal of erotic sexuality?  Compare and contrast the visual language, iconography and underlying motivation behind music videos, Koons’s work and the work that you chose.