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Studies in Art Due Date:  August 15, 2007
  You earned __________ out of 50 points.
Assignement #2a
Goddess Figures

Venus of Willendorf.  Stone.  4 3/8” high.  25,000 – 20,000 BCE.


The Venus of Willendorf is often understood to be an image of perfection or an ideal for the prehistoric person/ culture that created it.  While not the only explanation for images and figurines of nude women found from the prehistoric era to today, the idea that such images represent an idealization of the feminine form and femininity itself is intriguing. 
With these thoughts in mind, create an image that represents your ideal woman, man or person.  The image can be created from any media, or mixture of media, that you chose.  If your image is larger than a standard sheet of paper, or is a three-dimensional work, please take a photograph of it and glue it to a piece of paper.

Finally, write (at least) a few paragraphs explaining why this is your ideal.