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Studies in Art Due Date:  August 8, 2007
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Assignement #1b
The Language of Art

The Smithsonian Institution.  150th Anniversary Float.  1996.

Georgia O’Keefe.  Grey Line with Lavender and Yellow.  1923.


Please write at least two pages comparing and contrasting The Smithsonian Institution’s 150th Anniversary Float with Georgia O’Keefe’s Grey Line with Lavender and Yellow.

Demonstrate your understanding of the artistic terminology and visual language (particularly the terms in bold) introduced in chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 by describing these two works and analyzing their formal properties.  For example, you may want to talk about the media the artists used, the compositions of the works, their color schemes and the degree of naturalism vs. abstraction in each piece.

Reflect upon whether you consider these things to be works of art.  Explain why, or why not?  Discuss what categories of art these works may fit into (i.e. fine art, popular art, kitsch) and explain your reasoning.  Does the monetary value and “art world” approval of these works affect your acceptance or denial of their artistic value?

You can read more about Georgia O’Keefe at: and the Smithsonian Institute’s float at: