Myth does not deny things, on the contrary, its function is to talk about them; simply, it purifies them, it makes the innocent, it gives them a natural and eternal justification, it gives them a clarity which is not that of an explanation but that of a statement of fact… It abolishes the complexity of human acts, it gives them the simplicity of essences…it organizes a world which is without contradictions because it is without depth.











What is not mythical language?


The language of man as a producer: wherever man speaks in order to transform reality and no longer to preserve it as an image, wherever he links his language to the making of things…


This is why revolutionary language proper cannot be mythical:…it makes the world; and its language, all of it, is functionally absorbed in this making…Revolution announces itself openly as revolution and thereby abolishes myth.






Presentations by: Caroline Caglione, Julianna Nagle, and Amber Wolff



Frontline, The Persuaders, 2004











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