Art 195 Assignments


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Due Date
Assignment pdf file
Assigned Essay
1 Week After Event
Visual Thinker Lecture Response
February 8
Get What's Mine: Beyonce's Formation
Deformation, Information, On Formation
February 15
Barthes, “Rhetoric of the Image”
Rhetoric of the Image Summary
February 17
Lakoff & Johnson, “Metaphors We Live By”
February 22
Williamson, Summary of “Decoding Advertisements"
February 29
Paper #1
March 14
Krauss, “In the Name of Picasso”
March 16
Exam #1
Glossary Part I and Exam #1 Study Guide
March 30
Pritchard, "Essence, Identity, Signature"
Palmer and Tano, "Mokomokai"
March 31
A.L. Steiner Talk
Visual Thinker Lecture Response
April 4
Paper #2
Barthes, "The Death of the Author"
Visual Analysis
Understanding Visual Analysis
Chicago Manual of Style
April 15
Art History Symposium
Kennedy Hall 237 A
noon - 5:00 pm
Visual Thinker Lecture Response
April 18
Berger, "Ways of Seeing" #4
Ways of Seeing, Episode 1
Ways of Seeing, Episode 2
Ways of Seeing, Episode 3
Ways of Seeing, Episode 4
April 20
Barthes, "Myth Today"
April 27
Stuart Hall, "Encoding and Decoding"
Frontline, The Persuaders
May 2
Paper #3
May 4 - 11
Presentation Directions
May 4
Grace Jones
Melissa Gutierrez
Briana Leonard
May 9
Caroline Caglione
Julianna Nagle
Amber Wolff
May 11
Glossary Part II
30 Art Writing Cliches to Ditch
Exam #2 Study Guide
Keely Markey
Evan Walker
Extra Credit Exhibition Response
May 12
Bensussen Lecture, Kip Thorne Musco Center (Time TBA)
Visual Thinker Lecture Response
May 18
Final Project
Chute, "The Texture of Retracing"