Art 14
Introduction to Drawing
Fall 2006 Monday & Wednesday 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
section 39277

Instructor Denise Johnson
  voice mail: 477-8467 (use for non-emergency contact)
email: (best form of contact)

Course Description

This course will explore a variety of drawing media and techniques.  Students will learn rendering and expressive drawing skills and will become familiar with an assortment of traditional and contemporary approaches.  Students will be strongly encouraged to find and develop their own personal style as well as to strengthen their understanding of the ideas and motivations behind their works through verbal and in written form.

This is a 3-unit UC/CSU course.

Instructional Website
Instructional materials will be available to students at,
Good attendance is essential to your success! Attendance will be recorded during each class. Numerous absences are sure to negatively affect your grade. The instructor reserves the right to drop any student from this course with three or more absences.

If you wish to drop this course, it is your responsibility to submit a drop card to the Admissions Office by September 22without a grade of "W," or November 22 with a "W."

Special Accommodations
If you are a student with a disability or require special accommodations, please discuss your needs with the instructor as soon as possible. Students with special needs are highly encouraged to contact the DPS office at 941-2379 for information regarding the resources that are available.
Cheating and Plagiarism Policy
Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. If the instructor finds evidence that a student is involved in cheating or plagiarism, the student will receive a course grade of F, and the proper college administrative departments will be notified.

Sketchbook - 8 1/2 X 11 Graphite pencil set - 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, B, HB, F, 2H, 4H Pencil sharpener
Newsprint - 18 X 24 Speedball No. 5 Artist's Set (or similar) - B1, B3, B5, C4, C0, D2 Mars plastic eraser
Drawing pad - 18 X 24 India Ink - black Ruler - metal, longer than 12"
Bristol - smooth 11 X 14 Compressed charcoal Chamois
Assorted drawing papers Conte crayon - sanguine Blending stumps - asstd.
  Grease pencil - black Kneaded eraser
  Charcoal pencil - white Workable fixatif
  Crayons Portfolio
  Colored pencil set  

Students will be graded on 10 themes, a glossary assignment, a daily sketchbook, an artist's statement, two portfolio reviews, and on class participation. There are 500 points possible in this class.
The grading scale is as follows:
100 - 90% 500 - 450 points
89 - 80% 449 - 400 points
79 - 70% 399 - 350 points
69 - 60% 349 - 300 points
59% - or less 299 - 0 points


Individual assignments will be graded on the demonstration of particular skills, technical ability, neatness, completeness, following of direction, and timeliness.  Drawing exercises will be grouped into themes and graded together.  Ten themes will be covered, each worth 25 points, for a maximum total of 250 points.


Students will be asked to define a number of artistic terms from a glossary handout.  The glossary project will be worth a maximum of 20 points.

  Daily Sketchbook

Students are asked to keep a sketchbook specifically for this class.  The recommended size is 8 ½” X 11” or larger.  Sketches should be done at least 5 times a week and each sketch should be dated.  Sketching projects may be assigned as homework, but most sketches will be made according to the student’s own needs and areas of interest.  Ten sketchbook checkups will be made during the semester, each worth 5 points, for a maximum total of 50 points.

Artist's Statement

Each student will be required to write a 2 page artist’s statement that outlines the conceptual basis of their work and approach.  Each student should explore their personal and professional goals as well as support and explain their stylistic and subject choices.  The artist’s statement will be worth a maximum of 50 points.

  Portfolio Reviews

Two portfolio reviews will be conducted in which students will present an assortment of works completed during the semester that best demonstrate their abilities and ideas.  The portfolio should be of high quality and professional execution.  Each portfolio review will be worth a maximum of 50 points.

  Students will earn up to 50 points based on their active participation in class discussions, positive attendance and general contribution to the class.
  Extra Credit

A maximum of 20 points extra credit may be earned by going to the “Eva Hesse: Drawing” show at MOCA in LA and writing a 2 page review on what you saw.


Class Schedule and Required Reading
This is a tentative schedule, and may be changed by the instructor at any point during the semester according to the needs of the class.
Date Project
August 28 & 30 Getting Started
September 4 Holiday - No Class
September 6 Theme #1: Contour Line
September 11 & 13 Theme #2: Linear perspective
September 18 & 20 Theme #3: Chiaroscuro
September 25 & 27 Glossary Due
October 2 & 4 Theme #4:  Abstraction
October 9 & 11 Theme #5: Representation and Interpretation
October 16 & 18 Portfolio Reviews
October 23 & 25 Theme #6:  Portrait
October 30 & November 1  
November 6 & 8 Theme #7:  Non-self Self-portrait
November 13 & 15 Theme #8:  Still Life
November 20 & 22  
November 27 & 29 Theme #9:  Drawing Intervention
December 4 & 6 Theme #10:  Final Project
December 11 Artist's Statement Due
December 13 & 20 Portfolio Reviews (Class time on December 20th is 10:45 am to 1:15 pm)


Recommended Places to See Drawing this Semester
Los Angeles County
J. Paul Getty Museum
1200 Getty Center Drive
at the Getty Center
Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Boulevard
(LACMA) Los Angeles
Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
250 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles
San Bernardino County
Wignall Museum
5885 Haven Avenue