Final Exam Guide
The final exam will be held on Tuesday, May 24 from 2:15 to 4 pm



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Key Images
Be able to identify the title, artist and date of the following images.
Thumbnail Image
John Cage 4'33" 1952
Frank Stella Die Fahne Hoch 1959
Joseph Kosuth One and Three Chairs 1965
Yoko Ono Cut Piece 1965
Ed Kienholz The State Hospital 1966
Donald Judd Untitled 1968
Carl Andre Steel Magnesium Plain 1969
Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty 1970
Judy Chicago The Dinner Party 1974 - 1979
Carolee Schneeman Interior Scroll 1975 -1977
Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Still #6 1979
Sherrie Levine After Walker Evans #4 1979
Richard Serra Tilted Arc 1981
Jean-Michel Basquiat Charles the First 1982
Andres Serrano Piss Christ 1987
Gerhard Richter Betty 1988
Felix Gonzalez-Torres Placebo 1991
Janine Antoni Gnaw 1992
Chris Ofili The Holy Virgin Mary 1996
Guerrilla Girls Do Women Have to Be Naked? 2005



Key Terms
Know the definition and historical significance of the following terms.
Art Boom
The "aura"
Iconographic approach
Biographic approach
Identity politics
Process Art
Body Politics
Psychoanalytic approach
Male Gaze Theory
Semiotic approach
Culture Wars
Marxist approach
Death of the Author
Trompe l'oeil
Untitled Film Still series
Feminist Art Program
Perfect Moment
Whitney Biennial
Feminist approach
Pictures Generation
Formalist approach



Walter Benjamin
Laura Mulvey
Linda Nochlin
Charles Saatchi



Questions to consider
What key events launched the feminist art movement?  what were the chief concerns of feminist artists during the 1970s?
Why was painting declared dead in the 1970s? Why did artists resurrect it in the 1980s?

How does Postmodern art differ from Modern art?  What does Postmodernism reject and what does it embrace?

Why were Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still series some of the first works to be considered Postmodern?  Are they self-portraits?

What were Jean-Michel Basquiat’s themes and what symbols did he repeatedly use?

What spawned the 80s art boom?  What effects did the boom have on the kinds of work that were produced?  What happened to the art market after the crash of 1989?

What controversies surrounded Andres Serrano's, Robert Mapplethorpe's and Ron Athey's work? What did the controversies result in?
Why were artists of the 90s so interested in identity? What historic events may have encouraged such exploration?
Why did artists "return" to the body in the 90s? In what new ways did they handle the subject?
What are some of the current themes in contemporary art today?



Styles and Movements
You will be asked to identify the style or movement the following works are associated.
Jean Dubuffet. Large Sooty Nude. 1944. Art brut
Arshile Gorky. The Liver is the Cock's Comb. 1944. New York School
Alberto Giacometti.  Man Pointing.  1947. European Avant Garde
Robert Motherwell. At Five in the Afternoon. 1949. Abstract Expressionism
Jackson Pollock.  Number 1.  1950. Abstract Expressionism
Willem De Kooning. Excavation. 1950. Abstract Expressionism
Barnett Newman. Vir Heroicus Sublimis. 1950-51. Color Field
David Smith. Hudson River Landscape. 1951. New York School
Helen Frankenthaler. Mountains and Sea. 1952. Color Field
Willem de Kooning. Woman I. 1952 - 3. Abstract Expressionism
Alberto Burri.  Saccho H8.  1953. Art Informel
Francis Bacon.  Study After Velazquez's Pope Innocent X.  1953. Abstract Expressionism
Jasper Johns.  Flag.  1954-55. Neo Dada
Robert Rauschenberg. Monogram. 1955-59. Neo Dada
Mark Rothko.  Green and Tangerine on Red.  1956. Post-Painterly Abstraction
Lee Krasner. Easter Lilies. 1957. Abstract Expressionism
Frank Stella. Die Fahne Hoch. 1959. Post-painterly Abstraction
Yves Klein.  Leap Into the Void.  1960. Nouveaux Realiste
Andy Warhol. 32 Campbell's Soup Cans. 1961 - 62. Pop Art
Tony Smith.  Die.  1962. Minimalism
Roy Lichtenstein. Drowning Girl. 1963. Pop Art
Joseph Kosuth. One and Three Chairs. 1965. Conceptualism

Yoko Ono.  Cut Piece.  1965.

Performance Art
Eva Hesse. Hang Up. 1965. Process Art
James Rosenquist. F-111. 1965. Pop Art
Ed Kienholz. The State Hospital. 1966. West Coast Funk
Donald Judd. Untitled. 1968. Minimalism
Carl Andre . Steel Magnesium Plain. 1969. Minimalism
Robert Smithson.  Spiral Jetty.  1970. Earthwork
Chris Burden. Shoot.  1971. Performance Art
Judy Chicago.  The Dinner Party. 1974 - 79. Feminsim/ Installation
Carolee Schneeman.  Interior Scroll.  1975-77. Feminism/ Performance art
Cindy Sherman. Untitled Film Still #6. 1979. Postmodernism
Sherrie Levine. After Walker Evans #4. 1979. Postmodernism/ Appropriation
Richard Serra. Tilted Arc. 1981. Minimalism
Jean-Michel Basquiat. Charles the First. 1982. Neo Expressionism
Andres Serrano. Piss Christ. 1987. Postmodernism/ Body politics
Gerhard Richter. Betty. 1988. Photorealism
Sally Mann.  Candy Cigarette.  1989. Postmodernism/ Identity Politics
Felix Gonzalez-Torres.  Placebo.  1991. Postmodernism/ Identity Politics
Damien Hirst. The Physical Impossibility of Death... 1991. YBA
Janine Antoni.  Gnaw.   1992. Postmodern/ Body Politics
Matthew Barney. Cremaster 4: The Loughton Candidate. 1994. Postmodernism
Chris Ofili. The Holy Virgin Mary. 1996. YBA
Kara Walker. Slavery! Slavery! 1997. Postmodernism/ Identity Politics
Catherine Opie.  Oliver in a Tutu.  2004. Postmodernism/ Identity Politics
Guerilla Girls.  Do Women Have to Be Naked?  2005. Postmodernism/ Gender Politics