A Subtlety
subtlety = something subtle, especially a nicety of thought or a fine distinction
Kara Walker, Untitled, various collages, 2001-2005.

























Dana Schutz, Open Casket, 2016.











Protestor standing in front of Schutz painting during 2016 Whitney Biennale.











James Van der Zee, Jean Michel Basquiat, 1982.
Lizzie Himmel, Jean Michel Basquiat, 1985.











Postmodernism = name for many stylistic reactions to, and developments from, modernism. Postmodern style is often characterized by eclecticism, digression, collage, pastiche, and irony. Postmodern theorists see postmodern art as a reversal of well-established modernist systems, such as the roles of artist versus audience, seriousness versus play, or high culture versus kitsch.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bird on Money, 1981.












Postcards made by Basquiat, c. 1978
Vijya Kern, Jean-Michel Basquiat & Al Diaz, Samo graffiti, 1978.











Jean Michel Basquiat, Red Man, 1981.
Jean Michel Basquiat, Untitled, 1981.





















Jean Michel Basquiat, Untitled, 1982.











Often cited as the greatest boxer of all time, Sugar Ray Robinson competed in 200 professional bouts that included 108 knockouts in a career spanning 26 years
  • In his autobiography, Robinson wrote that he had spent all of his earnings (about $4 million) by his retirement
  • From the 1960s to his death, Robinson lived mostly in poverty
  • Upon his retirement, when awarded a trophy for his impressive career, he did not have a table strong enough to support its weight
Sugar Ray Robinson











Jean Michel Basquiat, Charles the First, 1982.











Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker
Jean Michel Basquiat, Horn Players, 1983.











Jean Michel Basquiat, VNDRZ, 1982.