Performing the Era
"I have been carrying on a dialogue between the landscape and the female body. I believe this has been the direct result of my having been torn from my homeland (Cuba) during my adolescence. I am overwhelmed by the feeling of having been cast from the womb (nature).” - Ana Mendieta
How did artists voice their grievances with artistic institutions? What prompted artists to begin to see their own bodies as tools and instruments? How did artists perform art?
Ana Mendieta, Tree of Life, 1977.










Robert Smithson, Partially Buried Woodshed, 1970.











Partially Buried Woodshed
Partially Buried Woodshed
Partially Buried Woodshed
Robert Smithson, Partially Buried Woodshed, 1970 to present day.
in progress
January 1970
current state











National Guard descneding on protesters at Kent State University May, 1970.











Kent State

John Paul Filo, 14-year-old Mary Ann Vecchio kneels over the dead body of Jeffrey Miller, who was shot by the Ohio National Guard during the Kent State shootings, 1970.


Kent State student Alan Canfora speaks about the shooting of Jeffrey Milller











Richard Serra, Strike to Roberta and Rudy, 1969. 8 ft. X 24 ft. X 1 inch.










"From inside the gallery, the perfectly square opening framed the street beyond as a 'picture,' an aestheticized object submitted to the controlling conditions of the museum, with its presumption about the specialness, or autonomy, of the experience it provides; while from the street side, the yawning orifice expressed the way the museum's privilege had been breached, rendered continuous with the conditions of its surrounds."
- Art Since 1900

Michael Asher, Pomona College Museum, 1970.











Michael Asher, Pomona College Project, 1970.











"Chicano meant looking at oneself through one’s ‘own’ eyes and not through Anglo bifocals."- Ruben Salazar

Frank Romero, The Arrest of the Paleteros, 1996.











Judy Baca, The Great Wall of Los Angeles, 1974 - present.
Farewell to Rosie the Riveter

located on Coldwater Canyon Ave between Oxnard St. & Burbank Blvd. and the eastern edge
of the Valley College campus in San Fernando Valley, alongside the Tujunga Wash

Driving directions and guide





















"Would the fact that Governor Rockefeller has not denounced President Nixon's Indochina Policy
be a reason for your not voting for him in November?"


Hans Haacke, MoMA Poll, 1970.











Hans Haacke, Shapolski et al. Manhattan Real Estate Holdings,
a Real-Time Social System
, as of May 1, 1971.



Hans Haacke on Fighting the Establishment











Daniel Buren, Sandwich Boards, 1968.
Daniel Buren, Travail, 1973.











Sixth Guggenheim International Exhibition, 1971
Donald Judd, Untitled, 1968.











Daniel Buren, Photo-souvenir, work in situ at the Guggenheim Museum before removal, 1971.











The Minimalists "clearly sensed that Buren's work revealed several fallacies in their own positions."

"The first of these was the assumption of the neutrality of the phenomenological space within which the viewer interacts with the work." The Buren work asserted that "institutional interests, which are always mediated by economic and ideological interests, inevitably reframe and redefine the production, the reading, and the visual experience of the artistic object."
"The second fallacy was revealed through the way that Buren's piece set up a confrontation between museum architecture and sculptural work" on display. - Art Since 1900
Walter De Maria, Museum Piece, 1966.