Turning the Tables
Catherine Opie, Chicken, from the Being and Having series, 1992.
Catherine Opie, Miggi & Ilene, from the Domestic series, c. 1995.











Primitivism in 20th Century Art: Affinities of the Modern and the Tribal, MoMA, 1984.
Les Magiciens de la terre (Magicians of the Earth), Pompidou Centre, 1989.











Fred Wilson, Mining the Museum, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Baltimore, 1992.











David Hammons, Higher Goals, 1986.
David Hammons, Untitled, 2000.











Jimmie Durham, On Loan from the Museum of the American Indian: Types of Arrows, 1985.
James Luna, Artifact Piece, at the San Diego Museum of Man, 1986.











Damian Ortega, Cosmic Thing, 2002.
Margarita Cabrera, Vocho (Yellow), 2004.


LACMA Phantom Sightings












Ruben Ortiz Torres, High and Low Rider at the Getty Center, 2012.











Ken Gonzales Day, Erased Lynching, 2005.











Ken Gonzales Day, About a hundred yards from the road (from the Hang Trees series), 2002.
Ken Gonzales Day, Next morning when jimmy woke, the cowboys were gone (from the Hang Trees series), 2002.











Yinka Shonibare, Diary of a Victorian Dandy 19:00 Hours, 1998.











Thomas Gainsborough, Mr. Robert Andrews and His Wife, 1790.
Yinka Shonibare, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews without their Heads, 1998.






















Catherine Opie, Self-Portrait, 1993.











Perverse Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait Nursing

Asstd. definitions of "pervert" =
to lead astray morally
to turn away from the right course
to turn to an improper use; misapply
to bring to a less excellent state; vitiate; debase
pathology, to change to what is unnatural or abnormal
Catherine Opie, Self-Portrait/ Pervert, 1994.
Catherine Opie, Self-Portrait Nursing, 2004.












Catherine Opie, Oliver in a Tutu, 2004.