A Problem for Critics


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  • Worth a maximum of 50 points
  • Will be comprised of image identification, multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and short answer essay questions

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Pollock and Krasner in the studio

Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner in the studio. 1949.











The Third Hand

Hans Hofmann:
"You don't work from nature.  You work by heart. This is no good.  You will repeat yourself."
Jackson Pollock: 
"I am nature... Put up or shut up.  Your theories don't interest me."
Hans Hofmann, The Third Hand, 1947.











Highest praise given to Krasner by Hofmann:
"This painting is so good you'd never know it was done by a woman."


Image Surfacing

Hans Hofmann, Bachanale, 1946.
Lee Krasner, Image Surfacing, c. 1945.











In 2004, Image Surfacing sold at auction for $153,000.
In 2006, David Geffen sold Pollock's No. 5 to David Martinez in a private sale, for $140 million, making it the most expensive work of art at the time.

Image Surfacing

Lee Krasner, Image Surfacing, c. 1945.
Jackson Pollock, No. 5, 1948.












Lee Krasner, Noon, 1947.











Lee Krasner, Shattered Color, 1947.
Lee Krasner, Prophecy, 1956.











Stills from the film Jackson Pollock
Hans Namuth and Paul Falkenberg, Stills from the film, Jackson Pollock. 1950.











Lee Krasner, Birth, 1956. 83 X 48 inches.











Easter Lillies

Lee Krasner, Easter Lilies, 1956. Oil on cotton duck, 48 1/4 X 60 1/2 inches.











Lee Krasner, The Seasons, 1957. 7 3/4' X 17'.











Willem de Kooning, Still Life, c. 1921.
Willem de Kooning, Seated Woman, 1940.