California Funk

Big Painting VI

"Once you got 'Pop' you could never see a sign the same way again. And once you thought Pop, you could never see America the same way again." - Andy Warhol
Roy Lichtenstein, Big Painting VI, 1965.











Claes Oldenburg, Pie a la Mode, 1962.
Claes Oldenburg, Two Hamburgers with Everything (Dual Hamburgers), 1962. Burlap soaked in plaster painted with enamel, 17.8 x 37.5 x 21.8 cm.











"The erotic or the sexual is the root of art." - Claes Oldenburg
Oldenburg notebook page
Claes Oldenburg, Floor Cake, 1962.
4' 10" X 9' 6" X 4' 10".

Claes Oldenburg, Soft Dormeyer Mixer, 1965.

Claes Oldenburg, Notebook page: Dormeyer Mixer. 1965.











Claes Oldenburg in The Store
Claes Oldenburg with soft Ice Cream sculpture











West Coast Pop
a.k.a. California Funk movement
funk = bad smelling
California Funk movement defined by Berkeley University's Art Museum Director, Peter Selz as being "hot rather than cool, committed rather than disengaged, bizarre rather than formal, sensuous and frequently quite ugly."

Gold Marilyn


Andy Warhol, Gold Marilyn Monroe, 1962.
Ed and Nancy Kienholz, Birthday, 1964.











Bob Arneson, Typewriter, 1965.
Bob Arneson, Doggie Bob (Self Portrait), 1982.












Robert Arneson, George Muscone, 1981.












Installation art = art that uses sculptural materials and other media to modify a particular space. It is not necessarily confined to a gallery or museum space and often incorporates the viewer into the work.
Ed Kienholz, Roxy's, 1961.











Illegal Operation

Ed Kienholz, The Illegal Operation, 1962.











The State Hospital
The State Hospital
Ed and Nancy Kienholz, The State Hospital, 1966.











The State Hospital

Ed Kienholz, The State Hospital tableau, 1966.











First retrospective of Kienholz's work at LACMA in 1966


Back Seat Dodge

Ed Kienholz, Back Seat Dodge '38, 1964.











Ed Kienholz, Five Car Stud, 1969 - 1972.