Process and Flux
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Pink Out of a Corner
Dan Flavin, Pink Out of a Corner (To Jasper Johns), 1963.


"The real drama takes place not on the surface of the work, but rather, everywhere around it." - Bunny Smedley











Vladimir Tatlin, Monument to the Third International,
1919 - 1920. (never constructed)
Dan Flavin, Monument I For V. Tatlin, 1964.











Blue Intensity

Dan Flavin, Blue Intensity, Installation at LACMA 2007.











Carl Andre, Drawing for the Perfect Painting, 1967.










Steel Magnesium Plain

Carl Andre, Steel Magnesium Plain, 1969. 6 X 6 ft.











Carl Andre installing work

Carl Andre installing Steel Magnesium Plain, 1969.











walking on Andre











Carl Andre, Field Stone Field (Hartford Connecticut), 1977.











Lynda Benglis, Corner Piece, 1969.











Lynda Benglis, pouring paint in 1969
Lynda Benglis, Contraband, 1969.








Serra's verb list

"To roll, to fold, to bend, to shorten, to shave, to tear, to chip, to split, to cut, to splash..."


"process art"
Richard Serra, Verb List, 1967.











Richard Serra, To Lift, 1967. Vulcanized rubber, 36" x 6' 8" x 60".












Zeus or Poseidon, Bronze, 460 – 450 BCE.

Richard Serra throwing lead at Leo Castelli warehouse, 1969.











Richard Serra, Gutter Corner Splash/Night Shift, 1969/1995.











Corner Prop
Richard Serra, Corner Prop, 1969.











Richard Serra, One Ton Prop (House of Cards), 1969.
Richard Serra, Trip Hammer, 1988.











Richard Serra, Balanced, 1970. Hot-rolled steel 246.4 x 157.5 x 2.5 cm 97 x 62 x 1".











Richard Serra, Delineator, 1974 -75. Two Hot-Rolled Steel Plates, each 1" x 10' x 26'


Installation of Delineator at MoMA