Through the Surface

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Diane Arbus, Jack Dracula at a bar, New London, Connecticut, 1961.











Diane Arbus, Child with Toy Hand Grenade, 1962.
Diane Arbus, Puerto Rican Woman with a Beauty Mark, 1965.












Structuralism = philosophical approach that analyzes society by looking at cultural phenomena, particularly signs, that have hidden underlying meanings that can be decoded
Roy Lichtenstein, Blam, 1962.
Blam source material






















Drowning Girl
Drowning Girl detail
Benday dots = printing process that uses two or more solid colored dots that the eye combines to create another color
more on Lichtenstein's form
Roy Lichtenstein, Drowning Girl, 1963.











Brillo boxes
Andy Warhol, Brillo Boxes, 1963. Reproduced 1969.











Pop Art was Anti-Greenbergian Formalism
  • Openly disdained Ab Ex celebration of the individual
  • Embraced low art and kitsch
  • Rejected the preciousness of the painting
Andy Warhol in The Factory silkscreening Brillo Box











Brillo Pad ad
Campbell's Soup ad, 1940s











Gold Marilyn

Andy Warhol, Gold Marilyn Monroe, 1962.











Marilyn's death reported in overseas newspapers 1962
Niagra billboard, 1953











Marilyn Monroe's Lips

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe's Lips, 1962.











Woman and Bicycle

Willem de Kooning, Woman and Bicycle, 1952 - 1953.











Andy Warhol, Saturday Disaster, 1964.