Consuming America

"If this is modern art, I quit!"
- Anonymous observer of Rauschenberg combine

Annotated Bibliography due on Blackboard!
Jasper Johns, Map, 1961.











Robert Rauschenberg, Mother of God, c. 1950.


Awesome visual description and semiotic analysis of the work!











The Beat Generation
1914 - 1930

Beat = tired, down and out or upbeat and "on the beat"


The Americans first American printing

first American printing of The Americans (1959)











Robert Frank, Trolley- New Orleans, 1955 - 1956.











Rosa Parks memorialized
with Congressional statue
Rosa Parks on a Montgomery bus on December 21, 1956, the day Montgomery's public transportation system was legally integrated after a strike that lasted 381 days. Behind Parks is Nicholas C. Chriss, a UPI reporter covering the event.











Structuralism = philosophical approach that analyzes society by looking at cultural phenomena, particularly signs, that have hidden underlying meanings that can be decoded

Robert Frank, Ranch Market - Hollywood, 1955 - 1956.











Charleston South Carolina

Robert Frank, Charleston, South Carolina, 1955 - 1956.











Robert Frank, Rodeo- New York City, 1955 - 1956.












Parade Hoboken New Jersey

Robert Frank, Parade, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1955 - 1956.











Robert Rauschenberg, Canyon, 1959.












Canyon detail

Robert Rauschenberg, Canyon (details), 1959.
Rembrandt Van Rijn, The Abduction of Ganymede, 1635.