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Cathedral Rock
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Carleton E. Watkins, Cathedral Rock, c. 1866. Albumen print.











The Sterescope

1832 Sir Charles Wheatstone describes the phenomena of binocular vision and designs an apparatus that fuses two separate drawings into a single three dimensional image

Prephotography Stereocards

Wheatstone Stereoscope

Brewster Stereoscope

Holmes Stereoscope
Unknown Artist. Pre-photography stereo cards. c. 1840.











Stereo Camera

Stereoscopic Camera











Stereoview of the Great Exhibition, 1851.
In 1851 Queen Victoria is presented a special stereoscope during the Great Exhibition and within 3 months, 250,000 stereoscopes and millions of cards are sold to the public
By 1856, the London Stereoscopic Company had sold 500,000 viewers
London Stereoscopic Company motto, "No home without a stereoscope"











Stereoscopes in use

Photographer Unknown, Untitled (Stereoscopes in Use), c. 1860s.











Chinese woman with bound feet











Geography Lesson
“What an educational revolution is here… Why our Tommys and Harrys will know the world’s surface as well as a circumnavigator…What a stock of knowledge our Tommys and Harrys will begin life with!  Perhaps in ten years or so the question will be seriously discussed… whether it will be any use to travel now that you can send out your artist to bring home Egypt in his carpetbag to amuse the drawing room with.” – 1858 issue of The Athenaeum
J.F.A. Claudet, The Geography Lesson, 1851.
Stereoscopic daguerreotype.