1 Image (no more than) 10 Minutes

Marry Ellen Mark, Andy Dunlap and Helen Alston, Charlottesville, Va, 2008.











Meaghan O'Rourke


Thomas Struth, Richter Family I, 2002.











Nolan Hopping


Ronald Hopping Sr., Donna Hopping and Son Ronald Jr., 1971.











Cassidy McHose


Steve McCurry, Afghan Girl, 1984.











Daniel Malikyar


Steve McCurry, Afghan Girl, 1984.











Jonathan Mackris


Kevin Carter, The Vulture and the Little Girl, 1993.











Dylan Kanner


Jeff Wall, After "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison, the Prologue, 2000.











Elise Williamson


Gordon Parks, Portrait of Muhammad Ali During Training in Miami, 1966.











Raphaelle Canaan


David Bailey, Mick Jagger, Fur Hood, 1964.











Dustin Titcomb


Diane Arbus, Young Man and His Girlfriend with Hot Dogs in the Park, NYC, 1971.











Sydney Young


Tyler Shields, Aly Lind, 2014.











Sarah Espinoza


Richard Drew, Falling Man, September 11, 2001.











Jennifer Johnson


Thomas E. Franklin, Raising the Flag at Ground Zero, 2001.











Anneliese Klages


Sarah Maple, Signs, 2007.











Ryan Greenhalgh


Unknown, N/A, 1961.











Shannon Ritter



Unknown, Soldiers of the Chinese Army Brandishing Mao's Red Book, 1967.











Tyler Ryan


John Olsen, Sgt. Mike Ball, Vietnam, 1970.











Farrah Su


Corky Lee, Asian Americans Protest the Vincent Chin Murder, 1982.











Jesse Wulfman


Yanidel, Against the Flow (Argentina), 2013.











Billy Martens


Jeff Wall, A Sudden Gust of Wind, 1995.











Anna Chung


Ellen Cuylaerts, Streams of Silversides in Devil's Grotto, 2014.











Benjamin Massey


Hiroshi Sugimoto, Hollywood Cinerama, Los Angeles, 2003.











Yiran Ma



Danielle Ridge