1 Image (no more than) 10 Minutes

Graciela Iturbide, Mujer Angel, Sonora Desert, 1979.











"Resisting the tyranny of visual public images can also be effected in some fairly simple ways. When you reduce the speed and frequency of images, you make it possible to see images differently. It is not necessary to embrace the visual rhetoric and speed of product advertising in order to counter it. The processing and storage of images (by human beings) is not instantaneous. It takes time. So if you can control the speed of transmission, you can begin to make images memorable." - David Levi Strauss











Jessee Stoddard

Lisa Oppenheim, Lunagram, 2010.





Lisa Oppenheim, Lunagram #3, 2010.











Caroline Malcolm

Barbara Cole, Sparrow, 1994.











Caitlin Teoman

Ansel Adams, Aspens, Northern New Mexico (vertical format), 1958.











Lyla Flashman

Charles Clyde Ebbets, Lunch Atop a Skyscraper, 1932.











Madeleine Caraluzzi

Nana’s sister, Nana (mom’s mom), 1960.













Alena Voss

Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #56, 1979.











Katie Selko

Philip Carlucci, Marilyn Monroe, K-16 Korea, 1954.











Charlotte Holper

Ren Hang, Untitled, 2014.











Nicolas Clar

Philip Halsman, Dali Atomicus, 1948.











Patrick Smith

Andres Serrano, Piss Christ, 1987.











Liv Montgomery

Lucy Hilmer, Birthday Suit, Age 43, 1988.











Ivana Orozco

Gillian Wearing, Self-Portrait at Three Years Old, 2004.











Danielle Cobb

John Dominis, Olympics Black Power salute, 1968.











Tyler Ferrari

John Paul Filo, 14-year-old Mary Ann Vecchio kneels over the dead body of Jeffrey Miller, 1970.











Kathryn Webb

Robert Clark, Attack on World Trade Center, 2001.











Gabrielle Gonzalez

Harry Benson, World Trade Center Aftermath, September 12, 2001.











Max Xavier

Zakary? Lepre, Pier in the Fog, San Clemente, 2017.











Kamy Arakawa

Clark Little, Heavy Water, 2016.











Teddya Kanopka

Rena Effendi, For the Love of Elephants, 2011.











Bailey White

Ansel Adams, Sierra Nevada, Winter Evening, From the Owens Valley, 1963.











Eric Stigna

Mark Rucker, Lou Gehrig, Farewell to Baseball Address, July 4, 1939.











Erika Mejia

Eugene Richards, Grandmother, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1993.











Lindsey Sandri

Ryan McGinley, Dakota (Hair), c. 2004.











Justin Pineda

Gordon Parks, Boy with June Bug, Fort Scott, Kansas, 1963.











Henri Cartier-Bresson, Rue Mouffetard, Paris, 1958.











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