The Americans

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know" - Diane Arbus
Diane Arbus, Puerto Rican Woman
with beauty mark
, 1965.












The Family of Man


The Family of Man

Wynn Bullock











To "explain man to man" and to celebrate "the essential oneness of mankind throughout the world" - Steichen





















Photographer Unknown, The Family of Man Exhibition, 1955.











Child in the Forest

Wynn Bullock, Child in the Forest, 1951.












People montage











Parents and children

Parents and children layout











Charles Fenno Jacobs, Much tattooed sailor aboard the USS New Jersey (BB 62), 1944.











Dead Soldier

Raphael Platnick, Dead Soldier, 1944.











A mushroom cloud follows the test detonation of an 11-megaton nuclear device over Bikini Atoll on March 26, 1954.


Who is the slayer?  Who the victim?  Speak.  - Sophocles











W. Eugene Smith

“If Mr. Steichen’s well-intentioned spell doesn’t work, it can only be because he has been so intent on the physical similarities that unite ‘The Family of Man’ that he has neglected to conjure the intangible beliefs and preferences that divide men into countries and parties and clans.  And he has utterly forgotten that a family quarrel can be as fierce as any other kind.” – Phoebe Lou Adams
W. Eugene Smith