Moving Westward
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Photographer Unknown, Two photographers taking each other's picture while perched on a roof, 1909 - 1932.











The Western Landscape


Mt. Broderick

Carlton E. Watkins, Mt. Broderick, Yosemite, 1861.  Albumen silver print.  16 X 21.





















William Henry Jackson using mammoth plate camera

William Henry Jackson using a mammoth plate camera
Large format camera











Carlton E. watkins, Three Brothers,  c. 1861.  Albumen silver print.


contemporary shot of the Three Brothers










Yosemite Falls

Carlton E. Watkins, Yosemite Falls, c. 1866. Albumen print.











Carlton E. Watkins, From the Best General View,” Mariposa Trail, c. 1865 - 1866.











William Henry Jackson, Members of the Hayden Survey Team, Wyoming, 1870. Albumen print.











Timothy O'Sullivan, Sand Dunes, Carson Desert, c. 1868.


Julie Shafer's The Parting of the Ways, 2018 - 2019











Timothy O' Sullivan, Ancient Ruins in the Canyon de Chelle, New Mexico, 1873. Albumen print.











Shoshone Falls
Carleton E. Watkins, Three Brothers, c. 1861.
Timothy O' Sullivan, Shoshone Falls, Idaho, 1868.










Mountain of the Holy Cross

William Henry Jackson, The Mountain of the Holy Cross, 1873.










Geysers on the Yellowstone Reservation

William Henry Jackson, Old Faithful, 1872.


Geysers on the Yellowstone Reservation. Drawn from photographs by William Henry Jackson. From the Illustrated Christian Weekly, November 30, 1872.