“The ability to make a truly artistic photograph is not acquired off-hand, but is the result of an artistic instinct coupled with years of labor.” – Alfred Stieglitz

Anne W. Brigman, The Bubble, 1909.









“As an aid to science, as a recorder, as a duplicator, photography has helped advance civilization.  [Yet] it has failed to occupy the place it may yet hold as a means for expressing original thought of a fine order.” – J. Wells Champney, American artist
Claude Monet, Sunset at Lavacourt, 1880.

P.H. Emerson, Gathering Water Lilies, c. 1880s.











P.H. Emerson, Rowing Home the Schoof-Stuff, 1886.











John Constable, The White Horse, 1819.
George Davison, The Onion Field, 1889.











Heinrich Kuhn, Mary Warner and Hans Kuhn, 1865.
Heinrich Kuhn, On a Meadow in Birgitz (Hans and Mary Sitting), c. 1908.











Alfred Stieglitz
1864 - 1946


Alfred Stieglitz, Winter on Fifth Avenue, 1892. (uncropped)
Alfred Stieglitz, Winter on Fifth Avenue, 1892. (cropped)











The Terminal

Alfred Stieglitz, The Terminal, 1892. Photogravure.