AH 329 - Black Subjects in White Art History


Due Date
"I asked my students to turn in their cell phones"
Yes, Your Opinion Can Be Wrong
Class Inquiry Blog
January 6
  Farrington, Chapter 1
* Reading Guide to Stacy Schiff's Cleopatra
January 7
  "Why Are There No Great Black Artists?"
"America holds onto an undemocratic assumption"
Historic Retrievals, "They Called Her Hottentot"
* "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?"
* New York Time's 1619 Project
* The Wage Gap
January 8
Farrington, Chapter 2
"From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried"
* "Who Should Own Photos of Slaves?"
January 9
  Farrington, Chapter 3
"In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism"
* "The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes"
* "Slavery Myths Debunked"
* "Faces of Slavery"
* "Agassiz' Descendants Urge Return of Photos"
January 13
"The Difficult Miracle: Reading Phillis Wheatley"
"To Maecenas"
* "10 Poems by Phillis Wheatley"
January 14
  Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments
(please read "An Intimate History of Slavery and Freedom")
Farrington, Chapter 6
"Criteria of Negro Art"
"The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain"
* "The Wayward Life of Gladys Bentley"
* "The Terrible Beauty of the Slum"
* "Remembering Josephine Baker"
* Ralph Ellison: An American Journey
January 15
  "A Long Overdue Light on Black Models"
Farrington, Chapter 5
* The Most Important Black Woman Sculptor of the 20th Century
* "Deconstructing Race in Western Painting"
January 16
  Farrington, Chapter 8
"The Case for Reparations"
* House Panel
January 17-20
Midterm Exam
January 21
Gallery Statistics
"The Master's Tools"
Farrington, Chapter 11
* Carol Hanisch, The Personal is Political speech
January 22
  Farrington, Chapter 12
Mining the Museum
* "How Mining the Museum Changed the Art World"
January 23
  "My Brother"
"New York to LA, Black Male"
* "White Artist's Painting Draws Protest"
* "Looking Back at Black Male"
* "Is Slavery's Legacy in the Power Dynamics of Sports?"
January 24
Post Paper Draft Feedback to Group Discussion Blog
January 25

Beall Center for Art + Technology, UC Irvine

712 Arts Plaza
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-2775
(949) 824-6206

January 27
"Final Cut"
* "How Systemic Segregation of Schools is Maintained by 'Individual Coices'"
* "The Sugar That Saturates"
* "Walker Takes Monumental Jab at Britannia"
January 28
  Farrington, Chapter 13
"Black Artists and the March into the Museum"
Kerry James Marshall: Mastry
January 29
  Farrington, Chapter 14
"Our Democracy's Founding Ideals"
January 30
Extra Credit
* Lemonade Syllabus
February 1
Final Exam
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