Monte Alban

Carl Nebel, Pyramid of the Niches, El Tajín, Late Classic.
Pyramid of the Niches, 1913











Characteristics of Teotihuacáno Art:
  • Anonymous
  • Repetitious
  • Geometric, abstract and angular
"Chalchiuhtlicue," Nahuatl for "Her skirt is of Jade"
Great Goddess of Teotihucán










Subjects of Teotihuacáno Art:
  • Benevolent deities
  • Men and gods with animal and plant counterparts
  • Water
Greenstone Mask, Teotihucán, Classic.










Owl Urn, Teotihuacán, Classic.
Teotihuacán, Host Figure, Classic.










Tlalocan Mural, Teotihuacán, Classic.












Netted Jaguar Mural, Teotihuacán, Classic.











Monte Alban


Mound J, Monte Alban II, Late Formative.