Fall of the Classic Cities

Copán Acropolis, Late Classic






















Structure 22, Copán, Late Classic












Structure 22, Copán, Late Classic












Screeming Macaw along ballcourt, Copán, Late Classic











Zoomorph P., Quiriguá, Late Classic.












Zoomorph P., Quiriguá, Late Classic.












Hieroglyphic Stairway, Copán, Eighth-century CE.











Hieroglyphic Stairway cutaway











Altar Q. Copán, Late Classic


K’inich’ Yax K’uk Mo = Great Sun, Green Quetzal Macaw












Puuc Quadrangle of the Nuns, Uxmal, Late Classic












Characteristics of Puuc Architectural Style
  • 'Boot' stones in vaults
  • Flying facades
  • Light, airy roofcombs
  • Veneer masonry
  • Well-cut stones
House of the Doves, Uxmal, Late Classic












Uxmal ruins











"Lintel 25. One of a series of three panels from Structure 23 at Yaxchilan originally set above the central doorway. The building is dedicated to Shield Jaguar II's wife, Lady K'ab'al Xook shown on the bottom right of the panel. Lady Xook is in the hallucinatory stage of the bloodletting ritual. She conjures before her a vision of a Teotihuacan serpent. Some scholars suggest that the serpent on this lintel, and elsewhere, are depictions of an ancestral spirit or founder of the kingdom. The identity of the figure coming out of the serpent's jaws is ambiguous. The inscription names the protagonist as Shield Jaguar II. The ritual is conducted to commemorate the accession of Shield Jaguar II to the throne. The inscription is reversed, as if to be read in a mirror. This is not common and its true significance is not known." - British Museum
Lintel 25, Yaxchilan, Late Classic











Stela 14, Piedras Negras, Late Classic











Stela 11, Piedras Negras, Late Classic