High Renaissance in the North

Four of Sofonisba's five sisters were also trained painters, but not her brother. The second eldest sister, Elena, also studied under Bernardino Campi but gave up art after becoming a nun. Two of the other sisters ended their artistic pursuits when they married, and the last died at an early age. Sofonisba would go on to become the Spanish King Phillip's court painter and the first internationally recongnized woman artist.
Sofonisba Anguissola, Portrait of the Anguissola Sisters and Brother, 1555. Oil on wood.











sacra conversazione
paragoni = comparisons
disegno = drawing and design
colore or colorito = colored or painted
Raphael, Sistine Madonna, 1513 - 1514.
Bellini, Madonna and Child with Saints (San Zaccaria Altarpiece), 1505.





















Giorgione, The Tempest, 1505 - 1510.






















Pastoral Concert

Titian and Giorgione, The Pastoral Concert, c. 1508.











Titian, Venus of Urbino, c. 1538.





















Isenheim Altarpiece (closed)

Matthias Grünewald, Isenheim Altarpiece (closed), c. 1512 - 1515.











Diagram of the Isenheim Altarpiece











Jesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum = Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews
"The victims had no hope of recovery and this image was intended to bring them comfort and to reinforce their faith- the message is that Christ, whose broken body is shown covered in sores like those caused by the plague, understands their condition and suffers with them and for them." - Marilyn Stokstad











Durer Self-Portrait

Albrecht Dürer, Self-portrait, 1500.






















Albrecht Dürer, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1497- 1498.