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Giotto di Bondone, The Lamentation, Arena Chapel, Italy, ca. 1305.  Fresco.











Period Identification
Please identify the civilization and the specific art historical time period the following works were made during.











Image #1


Banquet Scene detail of the Bayeux Tapestry, from Bayeux Cathedral, France, ca. 1070 - 1080.











Image #2


Portrait of Augustus as general from Primaporta, early first century CE,
copy of a bronze original of ca. 20 BCE. Marble, 6' 8" high.











Image #3



Gate of the Citadel of Sargon II

Gate of the Citadel of Sargon II, Dur Sharrukin (modern Khorsabad), Iraq, ca. 720 – 705 BCE.











Image #4


Seated boxer, from Rome, Italy, ca. 100 - 50 BCE. Bronze, 4' 2" high.











Image #5


Front Cover Lindau Gospels, ca. 870.











Image #6



Apulu (Apollo of Veii), from the roof of the Portonaccio temple, Veii, ca. 510 - 500 BCE.
Painted terracotta, 5' 11" high.












Saint-Sernin, ca. 1070 - 1120.
Rose Window of the west façade Chartres Cathedral, ca. 1220.
Sutton Hoo purse cover, 625 - 633.
God Accusing Adam & Eve, from the Doors of Bishop Bernward, 1015.
Rottgen Pieta, Germany, ca. 1300 - 1325.
Christ as Good Shepherd, ca. 425.
Virgin and Child between Saints Theodore and George, late 6th century.
Good Shepard, the Story of Jonah, early 4th century.
David Composing the Psalms, ca. 950 - 970.
Salisbury Cathedral, England, 1220 - 1258.











Short Answer


Vasari credited Giotto with “setting art upon the path that may be called the true one [for he] learned to draw accurately from life and thus put an end to the crude Greek manner.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain.
Giotto di Bondone, detail of The Lamentation, Arena Chapel, Italy, ca. 1305.  Fresco.